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Whether you need help with business entity selection, estate administration or a personal injury claim, attorney Mitchell I. Fried will customize strategies in pursuit of the best possible outcome.

Protecting The Best Interests Of Florida Residents

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At the Law Office of Mitchell I. Fried, we are committed to resolving complex legal matters for central Florida residents and business owners. Whether you were injured in an accident, opening a business or facing the process of estate administration, you need legal counsel at your side.

Your personal injury case is personal to us. We return all calls and answer all questions you may have. That’s how we differ from law firms that emphasize advertising over service.

We can file and process the Estate Petitions for Formal Administration, Summary Administration and Determination of Homestead Status of Real Property. If your loved one was not a resident of Florida when he/she died, but died owning real property in Florida, we can assist with “Ancillary Administration” so that title to the Florida real property can pass to the heirs/beneficiaries.

Do you own real property with others but all of the owners in title can’t agree to sell? Contact us regarding an “Action for Partition” to force a sale of the real property.

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Personal Injury

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From Wall Street To The Streets Of Altamonte Springs

Local residents and businesses do not have to look far to find the skilled and seasoned representation they need. Mitchell I. Fried started his career as a “big-city” attorney on Wall Street before starting up his own firm in central Florida. Twenty-five years later, the founder of our law office remains committed to overcoming the obstacles his fellow community members face.

Specific areas of our legal practice include:

Having a smaller legal practice allows us to provide individualized representation. We take the time to get to know our clients and the issues that led them to our law firm. Regardless of the size of the case, we treat all cases with equal importance.

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While commercials for attorneys may be enticing enough to place a call to a “pitchman,” take some time to consider a local option. Schedule an initial consultation at the Law Office of Mitchell I. Fried. Call 407-682-1331 or email our firm.