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Selling A Business

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Selling a Business in Central Florida

Whether you are selling a long-established and successful business, or simply getting out of the business and want to sell your assets and close up shop, the advice of an experienced business law attorney can ensure all loose ends are wrapped up.

The Law Office of Mitchell I. Fried work with businesses of all sizes to protect the financial interests of business owners and to minimize the potential risks involved in the selling of a business. To talk with an experienced business lawyer, contact our Altamonte Springs law office to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Your Goals When Selling a Business

Before you begin seeking a buyer for your business, it’s wise to take some time to understand your goals for the sale. Do you want a family member to move into a management role, succeeding you in the family business by buying you out? Do you still wish to have a role in the running of your former business, perhaps as a shareholder? Are you simply looking for an infusion of cash and you need to sell some of the assets of the business?

Valuing Your Business

Certainly the most important information that a business owner needs to begin the process of selling a business is a clear understanding of the value of the business and its assets. Real property has value, but so does your client list and the goodwill your company has developed over time. Attorney Mitchell I. Fried works with financial analysts to help you understand the full value of your business enterprise.

The Sales Contract – What Are You Selling?

Once we have a complete picture of your goals for the sale and the value of your tangible and intangible business assets, these factors will form the basis of the sales contract. The sales contract defines whether you are selling the assets of a business, the client list, and the name (or brand) of the company. If you will become a shareholder in the new business, attorney Fried can draft a shareholder agreement.

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Aince 1978, the Law office of Mitchell I. Fried is prepared to help the sale of your business move smoothly from negotiations through final signing and transfer of assets.

Contact the Law Office of Mitchell I. Fried in Altamonte Springs by e-mail or by calling (407) 792-6384. Attorney Fried is admitted to practice in both Florida and New York.