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The Probate Process

Florida Probate Process

Experienced Legal Guidance Through Florida’s Probate Process

The Law Office of Mitchell I. Fried provides assistance with the probate process in Florida. With the intricacies of the law, working through the probate process can be complicated and confusing. Whether your loved one lived in Florida or simply held property in the state, our firm can assist you and guide you through estate and probate administration.

To obtain answers to your questions and to discuss your concerns, contact the Law Office of Mitchell I. Fried. Located in Altamonte Springs, Attorney Mitchell I. Fried handles estate and probate matters throughout the state of Florida.

The Probate Process

By selecting Mitchell Fried to administer the probate of a loved one’s estate or to handle your loved one’s real estate interests in Florida, you can focus your attentions on grieving your loss, remembering your loved one and moving forward. Attorney Fried will handle all the probate details and ancillary proceedings on your behalf, many times without you having to be present. In Florida, the probate administration involves four main steps:

  • Filing the will
  • Contacting the heirs
  • Notifying creditors
  • Distributing the assets

Should you or another interested party contest the will being administered, you have the right to object to the probate of the will. Often, contests are made based on the belief the deceased was incapable of making decisions or was under undue influence. If you choose to contest the will, The Law Office of Mitchell I. Fried can provide representation for you while giving notice to potential beneficiaries and representatives.

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For administration of probate for estates of any size in Florida, contact the law firm of Mitchell I. Fried by calling 407-682-1331. Since 1978, Lawyer Fried is admitted to practice in both Florida and New York.